Drinking with Buddha

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Evanston, IL (PRWEB) January 21, 2012

The Walking Buddha cocktail, created by Warren Bobrow, brings equal parts Few Spirits White Whiskey and Ron de Jeremy Rum with toasted fruit juices of lime, tangerine, and grapefruit with rose simple syrup and bitters to help you stay warm and dream of the tropics! Inspired by Anthony Bourdain & his travels through San Francisco, and a love of tiki bars, the Walking Buddha is the antidote to winter.

The Walking Buddha Cocktail

Makes two rather enlightening cocktails!


Few White Whiskey

Ron de Jeremy Rum

Royal Rose “Rose” Simple Syrup

Charred in a cast iron pan then freshly squeezed – Lime, Grapefruit and Tangerine juices (Essential!)

Bitter End Thai Bitters or Angostura Bitters and a bit of chopped hot pepper

Coconut Water Ice (Essential!) -please find the recipe below-


Fill a cocktail shaker ½ with regular ice

Add 2 shots each Few White Whiskey and Ron de Jeremy or your brands of choice

Add 4 Tablespoons of Royal Rose “Rose” Syrup

Peel the citrus of all white pith (it’s very bitter) and segment. Char in a cast iron or your choice of pan, cool then juice

Add the Freshly squeezed juices, about 1 shot of each one

Add 1 tsp of the bitters

Shake and strain into two short Rocks glasses with roughly crushed coconut water cubes, garnish with a tangerine slice

Don’t pour warm beer down my leg and tell me it’s raining.

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FloriDUH: Warm beer has man foaming at the mouth

Perry Hegedus, 53, was drinking with his son and son’s friends at Fort Pierce mobile home park when he was allegedly handed a “(urine) warm beer,” according to an arrest affidavit, reports Will Greenlee in his Off the Beat blog for TCPalm.com in Stuart.

When Hegedus got into a lather over the suds and began to scream to his son’s friend about how disrespectful it was to hand someone a “(urine) warm beer,” Hegedus’s son stepped to avert a fight but ended up in a scuffle with his dad, according to the report.

No reason to cry over spilled “(urine) warm beer” because the bottle was actually filled with water and intended to be a practical joke.

Get the DUHtails and arrest affidavit at Will Greenlee’s Off the Beat blog at TCPalm.com in Stuart.

In a related story:

How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes

Here is how to take beer from 80+ degrees to 40 degrees in about 3 minutes.

    1. Take 6 hot beers and place them into a steel pot from the kitchen
    2. Toss  in enough ice cubes to completely cover the beer
    3. Fill the pot with water
    4. Next, toss in 2 cups of table salt.
    5. Take large wooden spoon and stirred this thing up to be sure the salt dissolved
    6. Place the concoction into the freezer and in 3 minutes you have ice cold beer.


Don’t drive without a steering wheel or give a dog whiskey in Illinois

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And other silly laws in Illinois.  If you live in Illinois or just passing through you should be aware of these laws…

Via Steve Eighinger – Quincy Herald-Whig

º In Zion, a man can force any single woman to marry him if he discovers her picking her nose while sitting in a car at a traffic light. (Or, he could simply offer her a Kleenex.)

º Also in Zion, it is illegal to give a lighted cigar to dogs, cats and other domesticated animals. (Cigarettes probably are not an option, either.)

º In Cicero, humming on public streets on Sundays is prohibited. (What if it’s a Rod Stewart song?)

º In Moline, ice skating on Riverside pond during the months of June and August is prohibited. (Duh … )

º In Oblong, it is against the law for a man to wear his wife’s panties on a Sunday unless he has prior permission from the bishop. (So … Monday through Saturday is OK?)

º Also in Oblong, it is illegal to make love while fishing or hunting or your wedding day. (Well, so much for tradition.)

º In Normal, it is against the law to make faces at dogs. (Otherwise, it would not be normal.)

º In Horner, it is against the law to use a slingshot, unless you are a law enforcement officer. (Or unless you check first with Deputy Barney Fife.)

º In Pullman, it is illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while sitting on the curb. (The law doesn’t say anything about other places.)

º In Crete, it is illegal to have sex with a canary. (I don’t even know what to say about this one.)

º In Evanston, bowling is forbidden. (A better choice might be watching Cubs baseball.)

º In Chicago, eating in a place that is on fire is forbidden. (Duh … )

º In Crystal Lake, if a person wishes to plant new sod in his or her yard in the summer months, that person may not use the city’s water to water it. (I don’t even know what to say about this one.)

º In Galesburg, it is illegal to burn bird feathers. (The home of Don O’Brien has some obvious animal issues. Just keep reading.)

º Also in Galesburg, it is illegal for any person to keep a smelly dog. (My first thought is, who would want a smelly dog anyway?)

º And my personal favorite, in Galesburg there is a $1,000 fine for beating rats with a baseball bat. (I’m thinking if you find a rat, or are able to catch one, and happen to have a baseball bat in the vicinity, you should have the option of using it.)

º And just so you think the silliness is exclusive to small towns, statewide in Illinois it is illegal to drive a car without a steering wheel or give a dog whiskey. (Especially at the same time.)

Whiskey and Bacon

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Here’s a food combo you may not have considered before, but one that I bet will get your mouth watering: whiskey and bacon.

Patrick Bolster, 5½ Bar’s mixologist extraordinaire, and Chef Chris Kelly from Marcus Pointe Grille have teamed up for this special benefit for the Ronald McDonald House. Attendees will taste three small-batch whiskeys — Willet Rye, Noah’s Mill and Rowan’s Creek — followed by a flight of three special cocktails prepared by Bolster featuring the whiskeys, each paired with house-cured bacon prepared by Kelly. Read more…

Drink Some Whiskey, Call me in the Morning

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During Prohibition in the United States, which took effect 93 years ago this week, many doctors boosted their practices by doling out medicinal alcohol prescriptions. Some went so far as to challenge the legality of dosage limits imposed by federal and state authorities.

An official medicinal alcohol prescription from the 1920s.

This week marks the 93rd anniversary of the ratification of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the related Volstead Act, which banned the manufacture, sale and transport of intoxicating beverages. Over the next 14 years, seasoned alcoholics and recreational dabblers alike famously flocked to speakeasies—but these illegal saloons weren’t the only places where liquor flowed during the 1920s. In fact, some Americans looked no further than their doctors, who could lawfully write prescriptions for whiskey, brandy and even beer that could be filled at drugstores nationwide. Read more..




National prohibition on alcohol manufacturing, consumption and shipments started in 1920, a product of the 18th Amendment and federal legislation.

But its roots went back decades, emerging from a stew of religious activism, optimistic reform and the thrust to regulate big business — including banks, railroads and meat companies. By 1917, more than a dozen states had already drafted tough anti-alcohol laws in response to the perceived perils of alcohol: addiction, violence and the breakup of families. Read more…


Coal Miners Beer

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D.G. Yuengling and Son, which proudly bills itself as America’s oldest brewery, has something new to brag about.

The Pottsville company, whose sales surged last year when it entered Ohio, has become the largest American beer-maker by surpassing Boston Beer in 2011 sales.

Yuengling sold 2.5 million barrels of beer in 2011, up 17 percent from the previous year, according to Beer Marketer’s Insights in Suffern, N.Y., a magazine that tracks the beer industry. Boston Beer sold 2.4 million barrels in 2011, the magazine estimated. Read more…

Dollar General Beer

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Discount retailer Dollar General Corp. is seeking government permits to sell beer and wine in at least 30 of its stores in Indianapolis.

Dollar General bought the alcohol dealer permits during an auction last year by the state Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

Before the permits are granted, the county alcoholic beverage board must hold a hearing and approve the application and, in some of the locations, the city’s planning and zoning board may also review the application. Read More…

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Tex Avery – Cock-a-Doodle Dog

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Scientists Recreate Arctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s 100-Year Old Whiskey

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The Journal of the Institute of Brewing breaks it down all scientific-like, most of which we don’t really understand, but we definitely get the “sniffing and tasting” part. Fun fact: there was so much alcohol in Shackleton’s bottle that it never froze over the many years it spent in Antarctica, where wintertime temperatures hover around -32.5°C. The recreated finished product actually includes some of the rare remaining whisky from Glen Mohr distillery, where Shackleton’s bottle was made, which was sadly torn down in 1986. Read more…

A Postmodern Elks Club Serving Some of the World’s Best Beer

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From the parking lot the convenience store looks like any other 7-Eleven knock-off: A freezer that reads I-C-E hums out front. A lottery sign in the window flashes this week’s Powerball pipe dream. Open the door: See the racks crammed with Twinkies and Cheetos and lip balm and aspirin and fishing magazines and single rolls of toilet paper. Behind the register are Swisher Sweets and Camels, and the Korean shop owner who will ring it all up for you.

This convenience store may be the oddest place in North America to enjoy some of the best beers around — a quirky testament to Seattle’s redoubled passion for the frothy stuff. Long a good microbrew town, the city that birthed Redhook in 1981 has undergone a craft-beer Renaissance in the last few years. Today some 30 breweries call the Greater Seattle area home, and with a raft of newer taprooms pouring the best stuff from here and around the world, residents of the Emerald City are drowning in great draughts. Read more…

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