Cops Total BMW Looking for Marijuana That Never Was

On September 23rd, Darren Richardson was pulled over by the Pompton Lakes, New Jersey police department, reportedly after almost causing a traffic accident. When Lt. Moises Agosto’s police dog did a cursory check of Richardson’s 6-year-old BMW 325i, it was determined that the vehicle had a “strong odor of raw marijuana” eminating from its trunk. Lt. Agosto called to have the vehicle impounded for further inspection.

Three weeks later, when he was called to pick up his BMW. The car’s instrument panel and dashboard were missing, and the gearshift had been literally torn from its housing. Car seats had been cut into. In fact, so much damage had been done to the BMW by three separate police agencies (and a federal drug task force agent) that Richardson’s insurance company, GEICO, has declared the vehicle totalled.

So, given the estimated $12,636.42 in damage done tearing apart Richardson’s car for pot, what did law enforcement find?

Nothing. Not one wrapped bundle of Maui Wowie, or a single seedy brick of Skunk Weed. Not one dime baggie or even a half-smoked joint of backyard bud. Nada.

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