Via Elan Kesilman

Six party-crashing cows startled a group of women drinking beer in a Boxford, Massachusetts backyard recently. Although the cows left the women alone, they attacked the beer with gusto.

The women who were holding the party weren’t amused, however. One of them frantically called 911, exclaiming, “We thought they were deer, but they’re huge, huge, huge cows. There’s got to be five or six of them.” Huge party-crashing cows must take on a more fearsome appearance on the other side of the fence.

The responding police officer to the disturbance Lt. James Riter said, “They enjoyed it. There’s no doubt about it. They went right for the beer and then when one was done, they’d knock another one over and take care of that beer.” The incident was surely the highlight of the officer’s night.

The police department was fortunately able to get the situation under control. They expertly rounded up the cows and returned them to their farm in healthy, yet possibly intoxicated, condition. Read more..