For decades now beercampers in the know, have had Ostbevern, Germany on their itinerary, located on the plains of the Lower Rhine with relative low-lying terrain the area is perfect for long stumbles across the country side. After a busy day of consumption bleary travelers can lay their heads to rest in a bed carved out of a 19th century historic beer barrel at the Landhotel Beverland. The barrel comes from Pott’s, a local brewery, and was in use until 1995.

There are three beer barrel-themed rooms in the hotel, and while each room sleeps four, only one of the beds is a barrel, which can be used as a single or double bed.  The room also has a 32-inch flat screen TV, DVD player, and free internet. For just 20 Euros hotel staff will serve you breakfast in bed—er, barrel. And if that wasn’t enough barrel for you, there is also a beer barrel sauna on the property that seats 12 people. Guests can use the sauna for 10 Euros, provided they don’t mind the smell of hops.


beer barrel sauna