doggrog-thumb-560x373BEND, Ore. – Nothing beats drinking with your best friend, Daniel Keeton has a dog named Lola Jane, he loves his dog, his dog loves beer, he also loves  beer and pours it up daily at the Boneyard Brewery’s tasting room. All that came together when, Keeton decided to make Lola her own doggie brew. Imagine if his dog was named Mary Jane.

“She’s never walked away from it,” Keeton said Sunday. In fact, she usually licks the bowl clean.

After Keeton saw how much Lola liked his concoction, he decided to market it to other dog lovers and launched his company, Dawg Grog, in July. His first retail customer, Visit Bend, signed on in December.

“Two things that have become part of the Bend lifestyle are beer and dogs,” said Visit Bend CEO, Doug LaPlaca. “So to create something that would take advantage of the two we thought was a brilliant idea.” The 16 ounce bottles of Dawg Grog sit for sale near 22’s of local beers at Visit Bend.

PSA: Dog owners don’t let Dogs drive drunk or sober.