CXCW2013POSTER1Here at Beer and Groping the most used appliances are the refridgerator, stove, iPad and the couch and the Couch By Couchwest online music event celebrates all those things with exuberant enthusiasm! We’re already cooking, baking, and of course drinking in preparation for a week of ass planting and couch dancing, wait what? (music enjoyment).  No badges, lanyards, bracelets, parking fees, ticket lines, exclusive parties, VIP tents, porta-potties, babysitters, doggsitters, expensive beer prices, or crappy hotel rooms…just the sweet comfort of your own couch.

Taking place  March 10th – 16th the same week as the couch deficient South By Southwest the online festival boasts that CXCW is “where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.”  Couch by Couchwest made 2011 its inaugural year, inviting artists of any genre to submit video of themselves sitting at home – decidedly not at South-By – playing a song of their choosing. Neko Case joined in, providing a little street cred to the whole thing, and plenty of lesser known artists joined in the fun. In 2012 Gretchen Peters submitted her CXCW vid from Tammy Wynette’s trailer at the Royal Leamington Spa, UK.

Join in the fun! Those in the crowd they want to see how you spend the CXCW festival! Send in pics of your CXCW festivities, recipes, haikus, pet photos, avant garde performance art, kegerator, moonshine still, etc via twitter, facebook or email!





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Watch highlights from CXCW2012 in the playlist below