whiskeytoedrinkingDAWSON CITY, Yukon — A man has left a Dawson City hotel in a bit of a toe jam.
The man was at the Downtown Hotel Saturday night drinking the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail, which involves swigging a shot of whiskey with a human toe in the glass and allowing the toe to touch the drinker’s lips.
This time, the patron swallowed the digit — on purpose.

The man took the shot, gulped down the toe and then slapped $500 on the counter, the fine for swallowing the appendage.

The hotel’s so-called toe captain, Terry Lee, said the fine has since been increased to $2,500, to provide more of a deterrent because now the hotel only has one toe left.

The tradition started in 1973 after a toe believed to belong to a prohibition-era rum runner was found in a cabin by boat captain Dick Stevenson, prompting him to start the “Sourtoe Cocktail Club”.
According to the Sourtoe Cocktail Club website, the toe was originally placed in a beer glass full of champagne. But the rules have changed over the decades and the Sourtoe can now be had with any drink, even non-alcoholic ones.
One rule remains the same, however: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow — but the lips have gotta touch the toe.” whiskeytoe
The website also suggests not swallowing the toe.

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