zombie killerZombie Killer is made by fermenting apples and honey, and then adding cherry juice.

Like cider, this is a good, refreshing beverage to have cold on a hot day. Ciders are a hot commodity in the alcoholic beverage industry right now; but mead also is growing. B. Nektar products are only available in about 10 states; its online locator link is at…. http://www.bnektar.com/wheretobuy.html

B. Nektar meads can be found at many fine markets and restaurants across Michigan and the east coast. Becuase of our strong roots in the homebrewing community, it’s not uncommon to see B. Nektar nestled among the great craft beers. However, many retailers place meads near the port, sherry and other sweet wines. But, as retailers begin to learn the differences between beer, wine and mead, they are merchandising meads with craft beer. Be sure to ask your local retailer for B. Nektar meads.

B. Nektar also sell mead direct from the winery (by appointment or at one of our regular tastings). Just call 313-999-5157.