marijuanna diet

How to Use Marijuana to Lose Weight. Includes diet and nutritional advice. Research is supporting the premise that people who smoke have thinner waistlines and lower blood sugar levels.. This book takes you on your personal journey and helps you to tune into your Higher Self. If Marijuana can treat over 100 illnesses, why can’t it help you lose weight? Work with the miracle of Marijuana and watch your cravings drop away and your mind become activated. Not only will you lose weight but you will find that you love the person that you are. Do you need to smoke Marijuana to do the Marijuana Diet? Or can you imagine you smoked it? Marijuana is a miracle plant and when you smoke with the focused intention to lose weight, and following the four simple guidelines the book lays out, you will get high on life and have thoughts that will really surprise you and delight you. Clear out your past emotional traumas and watch your fat drop away. The diet focuses on eating more naturally and not having processed foods. There are recipes for smoothies, juices, salads and salad dressings. The Marijuana Diet is the most fun diet there is. Included are sofa exercises, Shake the Fat Away, that are effortless but achieve big results.