rosiepateMEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis grandmother did not think she was abusing the 911 lines when she called and requested a beer.
On New Year’s Day, Rosie Pate called 911 with a “beer emergency.”
According to a WMC-TV, when the 68-year-old’s granddaughter refused to go buy her a beer, Pate called for police assistance.
The police report says Pate told officers she slapped her granddaughter for not buying her beer.
Calling 911 for anything other than a real emergency is against the law. Abusing the 911 system can tie up the lines and result in a shortage in ambulances and rob someone of life saving assistance when they need it.
The price of calling 911 for a non-emergency is punishable by a $50 dollar fine. That fine will cost Pate more than the cost of a beer.
Pate was also charged with domestic assault for slapping her granddaughter.