How Women Saved Whiskey

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bring-boozeA new book, Whiskey Women, dispels the masculine myths linked to spirits such as whisky and bourbon, and gives the pioneering women behind booze their due.  “Women have never received credit for their efforts in the alcohol industry,” says author Fred Minnick, an award-winning spirits and Wall Street Journal writer.  Whiskey Women looks at the roles women played – from their part in inventing beer and distillation, to owning and managing iconic whisky brands, running bootlegging operations and saving the spirits industry from Prohibition. Visit Potomacbooksinc.com for more information.

Man arrested after calling 911 for 1-cent beer overcharge

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littlebobbysdrunkagainIt cost Danny Smith more than a penny to express his thoughts after buying a beer at a Memphis store.

The Commercial Appeal reported that police arrested Smith, 51, after he called 911 twice on Monday, then called a non-emergency number after being dissatisfied. His complaint: The clerk at the store over charged him by a penny.

The calls started just after 4 p.m. after Smith bought a 16-ounce Heineken.

Web site TheSmokingGun.com has a copy of the arrest report.

The store clerk refused to hand over the penny Smith demanded, so he called 911. Police arrived and told Smith it was a civil matter.

Bringing Home The Bacon

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Sometimes a google search will just freak you out!


The Fragrance Line That’ll Have You Smelling Like Whiskey

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Introducing The Fragrance Line That’ll Have You Smelling Like Paper, Whiskey, & Tea
By Laurie Espino

Smelling like whiskey probably won’t give off a good first impression (unless, hey, it was barrel-aged and served neat in a lovely glass). But, the outrageously unique scents that new kid on the block perfumier Commodity are using to scent-tailor to consumers aren’t supposed to be run-of-the-mill “vanilla.” For instance, its other smells include Gin, Wool, Dew, Mimosa, Tea, Paper, and Cloth. It seems that Commodity has a real thing about smelling like our favorite happy hour beverage — or any other scent that has comfortable, reassuring association — and they are hoping this unusual approach will help us rethink colognes and scents.

In case you don’t want to smell like your favorite brunch cocktail, you can opt for more subtle scents such as Book, Gold, Ivy, and Oak. If you’re still not sure, Commodity will send you five to sample, based on your scent profile. Who knows, maybe you’re a Gin and Whiskey kind of girl. Just remember: Don’t mix, or you’ll regret it in the morning. (Esquire)


Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite, go to bed drunk

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The common bed bug mainly survives on human blood, but what happens when that human has upped his or her blood alcohol content with a few glasses of a nice red wine? New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests bed bugs are not as fond of alcohol as their boozy hosts, which may lead to fewer bug bites. You still may wake up covered in food, shaving cream or magic marker but you will be bite free.

“[Bed bugs] need a blood meal to grow and to molt and to reproduce,” explained Ralph Narain, a Ph.D. candidate who conducted the work as part of his dissertation. “And one of their main hosts are humans, and we consume a lot of stuff. Alcohol was one of the easier ones to start with.”

Narain presented the findings last week at the National Conference on Urban Entomology in Atlanta.


Women seeking illegal alcohol text trooper

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BETHEL, Alaska, May 17 (UPI) — Two women face possible charges after they accidentally texted a state trooper asking for help buying illegal alcohol in Bethel, Alaska, police said.

Alcohol sales are banned in Bethel without a special permit and no has been issued a permit yet, the Anchorage Daily News reported Wednesday.

Megan Peters, a state police spokeswoman, said off-duty Trooper Mike Ingram began receiving text messages shortly after midnight Wednesday morning seeking to purchase alcohol and he arranged to meet the sender at a location in Bethel

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2012/05/17/Women-seeking-illegal-alcohol-text-trooper/UPI-17161337286764/#ixzz1vEcryNhI

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Jeff Black wins his own chicken-fried steak contest


When judges David Hagedorn (The Process columnist for the Food section, too), Urban Daddy’s Jeff Dufour and I were finished tallying votes, the winner, in a split decision, was the man who hosted the event. Black was awarded his own gag prize: an old work shoe found in the Pearl Dive basement. The contest wasn’t rigged, I swear, although you could say Black had an advantage: He’s from Texas.

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